Yellow Box Raw Honey // by Mussett Holdings Farm [500g]


Mussett Holdings Regenerative farm, run by the Mussett family in the Southern Highlands, was started in 2016 to show their kids where their food comes from. They also wanted to create a sustainable and regenerative farm focused on doing the right thing for the environment, the animals, our family and the community. Their aim is to have a balance between crops and livestock to balance the nutrient cycle free from pesticides and herbicides.

The Mussett Holdings Raw Honey comes from the 30 traditional pine hives placed on the edge of the native forest at the back of their property. 

Red Gum honey is an active healing honey. It’s produced by bees visiting the delicate, creamy white flowers of the River Red Gum Tree. With a beautifully clear, rich golden colour, Red Gum Honey has a smooth, mild flavour.  

Red Gum honey has a relatively low level of glucose (20%) and a higher level of fructose (80%) and therefore tastes less sweet than other honeys.