Teaesk Vanilla Chai Tea

Teaesk Vanilla Chai Tea


Let the warm and inviting aroma of spices whisk you away to another land. A fine Sri Lankan black tea hand blended with exotic spices and a hint of vanilla for that little extra something.

Brewing instructions // We normally add an extra teaspoon of chai when using milk.

Bring 250ml of fresh spring water to the boil and add 3-4tsp of chai tea, brew for 4 minutes.

On the stove, heat 250ml of milk of your choice (I use the Oatley Oat milk Barista blend) on low heat.

Once brewed, add your tea infused water to the milk (tea leaves and all) and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Strain into a teapot or straight into your drinking cup.

Add 2 heaped tsp of a sweetener of your choice or to desired taste (I love to use honey).

If you want to try and do what the Chai Wallah’s do in India, pour the chai back and forth (from pot to teapot), aerating the chai is said to help bring out the flavour of the spices.