Olsson's Mountain Pepper Blend [220g]

Olsson's Mountain Pepper Blend [220g]


Australian native Pepper plant (Tasmannia lanceolata) also known as
Mountain Pepper, is naturally found in the cold high country in Southern
NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

Mountain Pepper Leaf has a similar flavour profile to mountain pepper
berry making it the savoury surprise of the Australian bush. It can be used in
place of black pepper and imparts an earthy, spicy flavor with complex floral
elements with a lingering mild heat on the pallette.

Olsson’s Mountain Pepper Blend contains a mix of conventional cracked
black pepper and Mountain Pepper leaf (Tasmannia lanceolata).

Historically, Mountain Pepper Leaf was used by indigenous Australians as
bush tucker and to treat a variety of ailments like treating sore gums and
tooth aches

Mountain Pepper Leaf has exceptional antioxidant capacity (more than the
beloved blueberry!). It also contains Vitamin E, lutein, zinc, magnesium and