Having experienced a number of ‘out of our control’ factors over the past 12 months – drought, bushfires and now Covid-19 – for most this would be a ridiculous time to open a new business, but here we are.

These factors have contributed to extensive and speedy redevelopments and repurposing of so many traditional business models, Birch Store being a product of one such evolution.

Birch Restaurant has been established for 2.5 years and recently, like so many other businesses, was lurched into a sink or swim climate. And swim we did.

A consequence is that now Birch has evolved to offer a range of ways in which it can be experienced including at-home dinner parties, comprehensive pre-order takeaway menu, private tasting sessions, ready-made meal solutions, online chef sessions, housemade product ranges and merchandise. Even extending their house range to include other local producers, growers and makers on occasions.

What simply was an attempt to survive the covid shit show, these diverse spectrums of the business have been extraordinarily supported and now form an integral part of the Birch story.

This new concept, it’s quick inception and the support it has gained has led us here. Here to a moment where these ideas need a new home .... Birch Store.

Birch Store … the home of at-home dining solutions and locally made and grown produce, where you can curate an entire meal or grab a bite to eat as well as a collection of creative homewares.

We welcome you to the store, whether visiting us in our new bricks n’mortar store or perusing the online shop … we hope you enjoy! xxx