Piccolo Edibles // Freeze Dried Ice Cream [Vanilla]

Piccolo Edibles // Freeze Dried Ice Cream [Vanilla]


Freeze dried ice cream. Perfect for decorating cocktails, cakes, desserts and for snacking straight from the bag. The ice cream is crunchy with an intensified flavour due to the freeze drying process.
The freeze drying process maintains appearance and colour or the original ice cream which means this product can be kept on hand and used as needed, no spoilage and with the look or fresh mini ice cream balls but crunchy to eat! Guaranteed to be a conversation starter.


Please note: All of PICCOLO EDIBLES products are handled by them only and no additives/chemicals/preservatives or other nasties are used in the process. Freeze dried products will absorb moisture quickly so remove from packaging and add just before serving.

Ingredients: Fresh Milk, Fresh Cream (25%), Liquid Sugar (Sugar, Water), Milk Solids, Maltodextrin (Maize), Emulsifier (471), Thickeners (412, 407), Flavours, Colour (160b), Contains no less than 10% Milk Fat in Ice Cream

Allergen may be present: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Egg, Milk