Well hello there! Isn't this exciting!

If someone had told us four months ago that we would be opening another business because of ALL the things that we have created during the covid-shit-show ... there is no way we would have believed them.

But here we are, embarking on an opportunity that has purely arisen because of a whole lot of effort, stubbornness and determination.

The store will become the home for the Birch ready-made meal options, Birch produced food range, at-home dining options and the merchandise ranges we have created. Along with this you will also be able to purchase fresh produce from local growers, other locally made items including oils, eggs and condiments as well as some of Australia's leading products and a dynamic and premium range of homewares. 

It is the ideal location to curate a meal and table setting all at once! We are so looking forward to opening the doors and welcoming you to take a peek [and of course a taste] in a few short weeks. Meanwhile you are able to start to get a taste of what we will be offering on our online store [available right here].

We would like to thank each person who has supported us, checked-in on us, embraced what we have created, offered ideas, dropped us emails of encouragement ... it has meant more than you can imagine to the entire Birch crew.

We hope you enjoy the next iteration of our evolution as much as we have in creating it.