The store will be the home of a range of products and produce from local growers and producers, regional farmers and further afield.

It will also be an outlet for a vast range of Birch produced items. Some of these will be ready-made meals or parts of meals, pastes, sauces, butters, stocks, kits ... and lots more.

The idea being is that you can come to the store and design yourself just a meal or a full blown feast. Our adored pre-order takeaway menu options will continue from the store from the end of September but the store will also feature a range of products that require just a few minutes of cooking to ensure you are enjoying a side or meal exactly the same way that we would be serving it to you at the restaurant as well as fresh produce that you can cook or prepare however you choose.

For example, the divine Piccolo Farm turnips [recently awarded a gold medal at the 2020 Delicious Produce Awards] will be available semi-prepped with herb butter in a vac-packed bag. All you will need to do is drop the bag into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes, remove and cut open and the turnips are cooked beautifully already dressed in a delicious butter sauce.

Our beloved three step risottos and linguine meals will be available, bread kits, frozen desserts ready to plate, and a number of other options will also be in the store. You will be able to buff these out with fresh produce from our local suppliers [the same ones we use at the restaurant] along with a range of dressings, sauces, rubs, salts, etc.

It will be constantly changing and evolving as we roll with mother nature, new ideas, favoured products and you know, just generally finding our feet. But ultimately we will be providing more ways to enjoy Birch-created products.